Hello, I’m Baol. I am a musician, actor, singer, songwriter and arranger who has been onstage for almost 20 years. I have earned a  great amount of experience over these years, along with quite a large net of competent, serious and reliable professionals, with whom I’ve teamed up.

The artists that I’m working with make a multi-disciplined team: classical and modern musicians, DJs, sound and lighting techs, multi-styled singers, producers, songwriters, arrangers, equipment providers…

These professionals have a wide experience, working with artists/shows such as: Amaia Montero, Bebe, We Will Rock You (musical), El Barrio, Jorge Salán, Forever King Of Pop (musical), Mägo de Öz, Rawckett, Lion King (musical), Isabel Pantoja, Black Light Gospel Choir, or the theatre company Yllana, among many others…


As diverse as: Hard Rock Café Madrid, NATO (Spain and Portugal bases),  several malls (Gran Plaza 2, Arturo Soria Plaza, Tres Aguas…), Vodafone, or the Patronato de Deportes de Almería, among others.
We have also provided our services to private parties, weddings, night clubs, restaurants, corporate events, etc.



Electric format cover shows. These can go from eternal Rock Classics to a review of the Greatest Hits of the last decades.
Fun and for every taste!

One to four musician concerts. In general, acoustic shows are known to be quite relaxed, but they can also no be at all! It’s actually your choice!!
Recomended if you suffer from “non-party-animal” neighbours…!

Picture yourself jumping onstage to sing your favourite tunes with a professional band playing along with you instead of poor quality playbacks!
You and your friends  will become the stars of the evening!

This is an original customized show in which the musicians “become” waiters, taking note from the crowd about what they would like to listen to, using a Menu with more than 150 hits. After this, using all these requests, a set-list is built and… the fun begins! Giving the fact that almost all musicians in this spectacle are lead singers as well, the show is very dynamic and colorful.
This show was programmed at the Hard Rock Café in Madrid with great success.
Ideal for hostelry and private parties!

The Police, Soda Stereo, Led Zeppelin, Jamiroquai, Joaquín Sabina…

An amusing live band concert-show based on the soundtracks of the most famous and cherished ’80s movies! The musicians even take the role of some characters of these emblematic films, like Back to the Future, Flashdance, Rocky, Ghostbusters, Footloose, Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, Grease, Mad Max or Highlander…



-Vocal guides recording.
-Choral and vocal arrangements for your projects.
-Vocal and choir direction.
-Lyric adaptations eng/spa – spa/eng.
-Singers performing over quality playbacks; classics, all time hits, 80s, rock… International, spanish or both.
-Sound and lighting equipment and techs, adapted to your needs.
-String quartets or solo violinists, performing either classical or modern repertoire.


(Download the dossier here)